Skrill 12A Compatible Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet Series Printers(Black, Q2612A)

Skrill 12A Compatible Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet Series Printers(Black, Q2612A)

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Skrill 12A Compatible Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet Series Printers(Black, Q2612A)


print documents with laser-quality black text with the skrill 12a / q2612a toner cartridge, which provides reliable performance and quality every time. It comes in portable dimensions specifications and is much light weight in essence. This skrill cartridge presents to you printing you can trust, which helps you not only in the office sphere for professional work but also at home for a more profound understanding and presentation. Attributed with low corrosion and long lifespan features, it can be comprehensively used for common printing paper, laser printing paper, all paper for a great variety of printing media. Check out the hp laserjet cartridge rate and opt for the one that meets your requirement.

maximum input capacity

skrill ensures the best possible prints for home, school, and work with cartridges built and tested with your printer and designed to provide consistently outstanding prints. This 12a toner cartridge from skrill is engineered to provide you high page yield with efficient printing capacity of up to 2000 prints without any smudges or compromise in colour value content.


it is highly user-friendly and easy to install as it can be loaded on to the printer hasslefree. This cartridge is compatible with models like hp laserjet 1010, hp laserjet 1010w, hp laserjet 1012, hp laserjet 1015, hp laserjet 1018, hp laserjet 1020, hp laserjet 1022, hp laserjet 1022n, hp laserjet 1022nw, hp laserjet m1005 mfp, hp laserjet m1319f mfp, hp laserjet 3015 aio, hp laserjet 3020 aio, hp laserjet 3030 aio, hp laserjet 3050 aio, hp laserjet 3050z aio, hp laserjet 3052 aio, hp laserjet 3055 aio.. Types of specification. The skrill 12a/q2612a toner cartridge is compatible with hp deskjet printer series and promises reliable performance, and that’s what makes it an ideal accessory for the printing needs at your home or office

  • FOR Printer(s): HP LaserJet 1010, HP LaserJet 1010w, HP LaserJet 1012, HP LaserJet 1015, HP LaserJet 1018, HP LaserJet 1020, HP LaserJet 1022, HP LaserJet 1022n, HP LaserJet 1022nw, HP LaserJet M1005 MFP, HP LaserJet M1319f MFP, HP LaserJet 3015 AIO, HP LaserJet 3020 AIO, HP LaserJet 3030 AIO, HP LaserJet 3050 AIO, HP LaserJet 3050z AIO, HP LaserJet 3052 AIO, HP LaserJet 3055 AIO
  • HP Compatible Toner Cartridge
  • Pages yield - 2000 , does not damage printer
  • Ready to use. toner cartridge
  • Strong infiltration capacity, no pore lines, no diffuse, no fade when it is wet on the printed. Excellent fastness rate, printed graphics context will be kept for long time. Good compatibility will represent you perfect performance. Low corrosion and long lifespan