Samsung Battery for S5830 and  S5670 (Black)

Samsung Battery for S5830 and S5670 (Black)

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Samsung Battery for S5830 and S5670 (Black)

Powerful Smartphone Battery

An original Samsung product, the Samsung EB494358VUCINU Battery (Black) comes with a 1350 mAh capacity to power up your Samsung smartphones through stretched work routines and extended multimedia playback. You can enjoy your favourite movies, music, videos, games, apps and more on your Samsung smartphone for long hours on end without the battery charge draining out unpredictably. If it often happens that you take your smartphone on a holiday or family gathering and the screen pops up low battery status indications when you were just about to capture the next photograph, you can replace the deteriorating battery of your smartphone with this new Samsung Battery. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is an efficient and sturdy one and would not suspend your entertainment in the middle even with high-demanding applications.

Wide Compatibility

The EB494358VUCINU Battery supports a compatibility with the Samsung S5830, S5670 and B7510 smartphone models. You can dispel battery discharge issues for any of these Samsung handsets and stay more carefree when indulging in your leisure time pleasures. The slim line and light weight structure of this Samsung Battery enables an easy installation in your devices as well as does not add any extra bulkiness.

  • 1350mAH capacity
  • Compatible with samsung smartphones (S5830, S5670,B7510)