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The IF Diet

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The IF Diet

* 100,000+ copies sold *

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The IF Diet is the only book to guide you through 3 different intermittent fasting techniques, all of which can help you lose weight:

- quickly
- safely
- permanently
- and without feeling stressed

Written in a friendly, funny, and easy-to-read style, it contains everything you need to know about succeeding.

There are clear explanations of the science with over 100 scientific references should you want to know more.

Additional areas covered include:

- cellulite and skin
- protein
- going low carb
- detoxing
- skipping breakfast
- cardio
- high intensity interval training
- psychology and mood
- strength training
- sleep
- hydration
- brain health
- cancer
- eating junk food
- addiction
- insulin
- fructose
- diabetes
- energy drinks
- leptin and ghrelin (your hunger hormones)

Specifically designed to make you an expert fast, The IF Diet will inspire you to take action and get the results you deserve.

No nonsense, no hype, just highly achievable jaw-dropping results.

Read a free sample today and see for yourself.